5 Signature Drinks To Make Your Cocktail Party Zippy

Let's just admit it that one of the most exciting functions of the entire wedding biz is the Cocktail Party. And why is that? Well, the name says it all – the cocktails of course! This pre-wedding bash is like a de-stressor for the to-be-married couple and the perfect occasion for their friends and family to rejoice uninhibitedly! But you have to make sure that your Cocktail is one to remember. Give your guests the best of drinks that they'll rave about even after the party. Maybe you could serve only cocktails and no neat drinks at all (that'll also keep some of the over-drunkenness in check). So tell the bartender to whip up these drinks all night and everyone is sure to have a great night.

1. White Sangria

The red wine Sangria is a classic drink that everyone loves. But have you tried the white wine version? It's even better! The drink looks stunning with the fruits shining through the clear liquid. And it tastes heavenly. You could have sweeter fruits such as apples, grapes and mangoes instead of the typical citrus ones. White wine is quite tart in flavour itself so the Sangria could do with a little bit of sweetness.

White sangria


2. Sex on the Beach

Well, it's not a party if there's no sex on the beach. And we mean the drink, don't let the mind wander! Whipping together vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice and peach schnapps can create a fabulous drink, and we all know it. But add in a dash of lime juice and fresh mint leaves and the concoction gets an extra kick. It's a drink that'll have everyone reaching for another glass. The best part is, both men and women will love it.

Sex on the beach


3. Cider Rum

This is a stronger drink which will keep the heavy drinkers from missing their usually 4 pegs. Add equal portions of black rum and apple cider vinegar to double the quantity of club soda. Choose a sweeter flavour to balance the taste. Serve in small portions, perhaps even as shots. Everyone will love the taste and high they get from it.

Cider rum


4. Banana Daiquiri

Now this can be a surprise drink that no one saw coming. It requires equal parts of white rum and lime juice, with blended banana and some sugar to taste. If you want a stronger alcohol flavour, skip the sugar, but it tastes best with all that extra dose of sweetness. Who said daiquiris could only have peaches and strawberries. Bananas taste awesome too!

Banana Daiquiri


5. Jagerbombs

These can be your party starter or the beauty that ends the night. Why that is recommended is because if served all night, people will get a little too drunk and you will get a little too broke! So just have one round of these and have the bartender make a Jager-train if you want a little bit of theatrics too.



Include these signature drinks to your cocktail party and we promise you, you'll have the best time of your life.

White sangria

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