Are You Guilty Of Making These Wedding Photography Mistakes?

Wedding photography is no easy job. Apart from the fact that good photography itself requires a great deal of skill, the pressure levels are also high. It’s not just the hustle, bustle and noisy surroundings you have to cope with, but the unspoken anxiety of shooting a lifetime event. After all, weddings are incredibly special to the couple getting married and the photos are revisited again and again. You won't want to ruin the reminiscence for them, would you? But we’re all humans and even the most experienced wedding photographers make mistakes. If you’re making them too, no more, no more, these wedding photo disasters need to end!

1. Too Much Focus on The Others – New-age wedding photographers have a fascination for underdogs. Even at weddings, some focus on capturing these random moments of beauty. For instance, a lone girl, with a beautiful dress, is dancing with abandon. Now that is a wonderful picture from the aesthetic point of view. But 20 years down the lane, would a wedding couple care about your skills? No. Their wedding is their shining moment. Capture their beauty.

couple photography


2. The Bride Is Boss – A lot of wedding photography captures the bride in all her wedding finery from every angle in every possible pose. But what about the groom? Hello, he’s the other half in this union. Don’t ignore him. While focusing on the bride is but natural for she is probably more decked up and photo-friendly, make sure you give the groom fair representation in the wedding album too.

groom shot


 3. Nothing But The People – Weddings are not just about the couple, the ceremonies or the attendees. A lot of effort goes into making them a splendid experience. Everything is chosen with much care from the venue to the decoration to the food. Often, the wedded couple are too caught up in the merriment to appreciate all these nuances. The photographer shouldn’t ignore this aspect though. These little details need to be captured in the photographs so the couple can see and enjoy them so at a later time.

gorgeous details


4. Pictures of The Meal – Most people detest being photographed while they eat. Somehow, wedding shooters tend to be ignorant of this tendency. Pictures of people eating the wedding meal are not something anyone wants to see. Perhaps a distant shot of the dinner procession is fine. But close ups of people chopping on the delicacies? Big No!

wedding catering


What are some other photography faux-pas you've witnessed? Sound off on our Twitter page!

We've compiled a list of common wedding photography mistakes that photographers should avoid at all costs.


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