Amazon India Couture Week Kicks off with Kashish by Anju Modi

Amazon India Couture Week kicked off last week and the Indian fashion world has been left stunned by all of the new collections. Over the next few days we'll be highlighting some of our favorite shows and bringing you all of the fashion at your fingertips. First up we have Kashish by Anju Modi. The collection focused on classic folklore looks with rich fabrics and bold pairings.

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The models, resembling statuesque painting figures, were all dressed in multi faceted lenghas. Some accessorized with jackets, long sleeved choli's, high necked blouses but all had the most beautifully intricate chunnis reminiscent of an older time.

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The dark red fabrics look so regal walking down the runway would look amazing on any bride-to-be! I also love how they accessorized with prominent matta patti's and big statement necklaces.

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Not to be outshined by the women, the men looked equally as fabulous. Wearing printed turbans, achkins and royal colors every item in this collection stood out!

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Stay tuned we'll have more from Amazon India Couture Week soon!


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