Multicultural Portugal Indian Wedding by Fabio Azanha Photography

Today we're featuring a wedding so breathtakingly amazing we had to split it into two features! Our multicultural couple today, Sarah and Vasco, were wed in their native home of Portugal. The bride, Sarah, is half Indian and decided she wanted to honor her Indian roots during her wedding and blend her two cultures together.

To kick off their events Fábio Azanha Photography was on hand to capture their Pithi ceremony, also known as a turmeric cleansing pre wedding tradition. The couple looks like they are having a blast being smothered (literally) by their friends and family!

1a pithi ceremony 8a pithi ceremony 2a pithi ceremony 5a pithi ceremony 6a pithi ceremony

Following their Pithi ceremony Vasco and Sarah had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony. Before I can even start speaking of the décor I need to take a minute to gawk over Sarah's AMAZING beaded gown. The leaf patterned back with the tight bodice and appropriate amount of sparkle is serious perfection. Love how Fábio Azanha Photography was able to capture the stunning details on this dress!

9a indian wedding ceremony 10a indian wedding bride 13a indian wedding decor 14a indian wedding ceremony decor 16a indian wedding ceremony decor 15a indian wedding table decor

This outdoor ceremony looks like it came out of an issue of Architectural Digest. The greenest of green grass, precisely placed shrubbery, tented and glass ceilings - it's so hard to believe this place actually exists!

18a indian wedding aisle 20a indian wedding ceremony 19a indian wedding ceremony 21a indian wedding ceremony

As if the wedding couldn't impress me any more, we then move into the equally as fabulous reception! Make sure to salivate over their chocolate fondue fountain and tiered chocolate cake!

To see all of Sarah and Vasco's details from their wedding day make sure to visit the photo gallery!

23a indian wedding portrait 27a indian wedding reception entrance 28a indian wedding dancing 30a indian wedding fondue fountain 31a indian wedding cake 32a indian wedding cake 25a indian wedding reception decor 31a indian wedding first dance 32a indian wedding dance

Thank you so much to Fábio Azanha Photography for submitting this beautiful wedding!

Stay tuned because we're not done yet! We'll be back tomorrow with Sarah and Vasco's Mr & Mrs portrait shoot.


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