How to Preserve Indian Wedding Flowers and Bouquet

If  you asked me what my most favorite part of wedding planning was, I'd say flowers and décor! I just love the idea of a room filled with vibrant, lush colors of fluffly florals, and the scent of freshness that you get to experience in a reception hall filled with fresh flowers. Now if you asked my mom and mom-in-law, they'd say spending money on fresh flowers is such a waste! I found some unique ways to preserve your wedding bouquet (and other fresh flowers), to turn fresh-flower-haters into believers. There are lots of incredibly creative ideas for the Indian bride!

Get your flowers professionally freeze-dried and then arrange them in a shadow box:




For more information, check out: Heritage Garment Preservation

How about these gorgeous paperweights to remind you of your wedding?


The Flower Preservation Workshop will show you how to do it!

Here's an idea for your Christmas tree:


Kenarry has some more ideas for rose petal crafts.

How about creating a monogram:


Crafting Chics shows you how simple and easy it is to recreate this!

Apparently during the Victorian era, many people used to wax fresh's an idea of what to do with waxed flowers:

6 Blogger shows us how here.

If you're not a DIY-gal, there are professional services that do it for you. I love this one that displays the wedding invite in the back:


Check out Freezeframe for pricing.

Julie Blanner does it for you in a glass dome:


I am officially inspired to start preserving flowers! How about you?

Jessica Maida Photography

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