Anushree Reddy Debuts her Collection at Lakme Fashion Week Summer 2015

Anushree Reddy hit the runway hard with her 2015  Summer/Resort collection. Filling her collection with lenghas in soft colors like baby pink, light yellow, beige and moss, the outfits were a treat to the eyes of any Indian bride-to-be. All of her cholis were incredibly detailed with beading and embroidery and vibrant prints.

The gorgeous Bollywood actress Ileana D'Cruz served as showstopper while singer Kanika Kapoor entertained the audience.

1504263_10152643361605936_6802311832894761920_o 10887097_10152643362295936_1893139653453489095_o 741311_10152643362740936_1008876362124396817_o 10404259_10152643363800936_8917039073210006170_n 11048672_10152643363475936_1920917430743350394_n 11079043_10152643365395936_4265431665717657934_n

I love this belt embellishment on the lehenga with the silk ribbon. Adds such a beautiful modern flair to the lengha!

I1517812_10152643368190936_2331371506755946270_n 10170825_10152643368895936_1571449450502117002_n 10314656_10152643369990936_6616750880677567638_n 11073976_10152643370095936_4747161649895103293_n 11076268_10152643366315936_9029531021975360122_n 11081419_10152643369930936_4051246046385399628_n 1897834_10152643370140936_3589102148546315250_n

I love this next lengha where the dupatta is attached to the top. Never again will you need to worry about what to do with your dupatta when your hands are full!

10557327_10152643370335936_3942851597927397985_n 10929551_10152643370370936_5439545652659408667_n 11052510_10152643370270936_6405474485184039686_n 11068211_10152643370830936_9166439006144225402_n 11081306_10152643370220936_8192995485677339402_n 10430430_10152643370835936_8420131861889845205_n 11080635_10152643361625936_6889029997670213415_o


We will be back with more from Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015!


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