Amritsar Indian Engagement Shoot by Gurusurya Khalsa Photography

I'm so excited to share our last e-session with you. We're transporting our readers to the beautiful land of Amritsar, India where Attar and Kartar chose to document their engagement session. Their wonderful photographer Gurusurya Khalsa Photography just so happened to be in India at the same time and jumped at the opportunity to explore the city together!

2a Outdoor Indian Esession 5a outdoor indian esession 6a field indian esession 8a outdoor indian engagement session

I love love love these shots of the couple jumping in the mustard field. The smokey blue sky, bright yellow flowers and the pops of denim are total eye candy! I'm torn about whether these ones are my favorite or the one below with Attar and Kartar in a Tata bus- not a bad way to explore the city!!

10a bus indian esession 12a outdoor indian engagement session 13a tumbleweed indian engagement session 14a indian engagement session 16a outdoor indian esession 19a khalsa Photography esession

Thank you so much to Gurusurya Khalsa Photography for sharing this precious engagement session with us and we cannot wait to see the wedding pictures!

To see more images from today or if you missed any of the engagement sessions this week, head on over to our photo gallery!


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