Lakmé Fashion Week Winter 2014 - Designer Zara Shahjahan

The Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 was held at Palladium Hotel in Mumbai, India, 20-24 August. Day 1 saw Pakistani designer Zara Shahjahan showcasing her collection of vintage floral prints with traditional embellishments and intricate details entitled "City of Gardens 2014.” The luxury collection is "the embodiment of harmony, romance and femininity. Its fusion of vintage florals with modern silhouettes weaves together all that represents femininity and grace in the modern woman," says Shahjahan.
Zara 1
Zara 2
Zara 3
Zara 4
Zara 5
Zara 6
Zara 7
Zara 8
Zara 9
Zara 10
Zara 11
Zara 13
Photos Courtesy of Lakmé Fashion Week


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