Toronto Engagement Session by Kumari Photo Cinema

Welcome back to engagement session week! Today we're packing in not one, not two, but THREE amazing esessions!

Our first one is of Michelle and Bikram, a couple with a mutual flair for urban neighborhoods. After hearing about the couple's love of all things urban, their photographer, Kumari Photo & Cinema, invited them to come check out the Junction in Toronto. Armed with an arsenal of antique stores, delicious coffee shops (check out those adorable mugs!), and colorful backgrounds, the Junction served as the perfect backdrop for Michelle and Bikram's day of fun.

Right off the bat it's easy to tell Michelle and Bikram aren't afraid to let loose and have fun. From an innocent stroll downtown to a full on snowball fight, these two are so playful! My particular favorites are of the ones where you could never even tell there was a camera there just capturing the laughter between Michelle and Bikram. Kudos to Kumari Photo & Cinema for capturing such sweet and intimate moments.



Sit back and relax, we have two more e-sessions coming your way!


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