Green Wedding Favors "Spread the Love" - Shaadi Love

A trinket, another vase or picture frame, these are usually the favors at weddings. But what if you want to give your guests more than just something that will be stashed away or end up in the landfill someday? There's always a great gift of edible treats which guests love and is a sure hit. If you want to do something different that will benefit others and beautify the world, I suggest using seed bombs or plantable paper as a wedding favor. Couples who are very much into nature and the outdoors will find this the perfect token of appreciation for their guests. Flower seed bombs and seeded paper are super easy to plant; no green thumb necessary. A field of wildflowers is a romantic and beautiful way for your guests to remember your special day.

Seed packets wedding favors, Red Cloud via Etsy

lantable paper elephants with pot,  Recycled Ideas via Etsy

Peacock feather seed packets, Peacock Invitations via Etsy

Botanical seed bombs, Renaissance Botanicals via Etsy

Wildflower seed bombs in customized burlap, VisualLingual via Etsy

Green Wedding Favors "Spread the Love" - Shaadi Love

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