1 Year Anniversary Indian Bridal Photo Shoot - 1

Today we're diverting a little bit from our traditional real wedding posts and fast forwarding one year later to an adorable couple's one year anniversary photo shoot! It never really occurred to me to do a one year anniversary photo shoot but after seeing these gorgeous pictures I am definitely inspired to organize a shoot of my own!

Our couple today, Monika and Rajen, entrusted the fabulous Charmi Pena Photography to help them with their photo shoot. Not only do I think this idea is amazing, but added bonus points for finding an occasion to re-wear your wedding day attire! To kick off their day, our couple and photographer ventured to Mohonk Mountain House to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery that they weren't able to capture the first time around at their wedding!

Next we show you the pictures from Monika and Rajen's NYC stroll!

1 Year Anniversary Indian Bridal Photo Shoot - 1

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