San Francisco Indian E-Session by Legendary Images

We are ending today with a colorful bang at Reema and Vipul's engagement shoot shot by Spotlight Vendor Legendary Images in San Francisco, California! To start, Reema and Vipul decided to dress in traditional attire with Reema in a fushia colored Salwar Kameez and Vipul in a kurta pajama reenacting his proposal! Next, our couple got a little more comfortable in jeans and matching red tops and decided to hit the town. I love the way Legendary Images set up the scenes in the shots. From the image with Reema and Vipul standing in front of a patterned wall to the one of them kissing on stoops in front of a carnival, each one has so much charm! I also can't help but gush at the way Vipul looks at Reema so adoringly- absolutely precious!

As if San Francisco didn't look amazing enough with the clear blue skies, green green grass, and hellooo a cable car, Legendary Images had to make us even more jealous with that stunning picture on the beach. The mountains, the bright blue pacific, the sand, and our couple all together in one shot was sheer perfection!

That is it for today. Join us tomorrow for the conclusion of engagement session week!

A big thank you to one of our talented Spotlight Vendors, Legendary Images, for sharing these amazing shots, and congratulations to the happy couple!

San Francisco Indian E-Session by Legendary Images

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