Sultry NYC Indian Engagement Session by Nadia D Photography - 2

We're back with more images courtesy of Nadia D. Photography from Divnain and Anupreet's NYC engagement session. The couple transformed their daytime fairytale into a dramatic sultry indoor shoot. I'm obsessed with everything about these images. From the lighting to the outfits, backgrounds, and obviously our couple, this whole shoot feels like stills from a movie. I love Nadia D. Photography's play on shadows. Every single picture has a mysterious look about it and our couple plays up the parts perfectly. Check out the image of Divnain and Anupreet framed in a star- how does that even happen?! Or how about the one where the two of them are sitting in the dark nose to nose with their reflections staring up at them- so swoon worthy! I could go on and on but instead I will stop and let you see for yourself!

Thank you so much to Nadia D. Photography for sharing her amazing work. Look for today's couple's wedding on the blog soon.

Wishing a wonderful Happy Valentine's Day to all our readers!

Sultry NYC Indian Engagement Session by Nadia D Photography - 2

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