New York City Indian Engagement Session by Nadia D Photography - 1

Happy Valentine's Day! In order to celebrate the national day of love, Cupid sent us an epic engagement session. In fact it is hands down one of my favorite engagement sessions of all time! Today's session, shot by the phenomenal Nadia D. Photography, took place in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Now most people always imagine their wedding to be out of a fairytale, but Divnain and Anupreet made their dreams into a reality with this shoot!

We start with a Rapunzelesque Anu stranded at the top floor of her castle (or, you know, a fire escape), and her handsome prince Divnain trying to find his way to her. As the pictures progress, Divnain is able to rescue Anupreet and they ride off into the sunset together! Ok maybe it didn't go quite like that, but close enough! I love how Nadia D. Photography made this shoot into a classic story, and brought out such a fun side of our couple today. I'm also floored at how she was able to capture something as ordinary as a New York City apartment building, and turn it into such a wonderful prop in this fairytale engagement session!

Stay tuned, Cupid isn't done with us yet. Next up our couple transforms their daytime fairytale into a night time escapade!

New York City Indian Engagement Session by Nadia D Photography - 1

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