Outdoor DIY Fusion Reception by Realce Photography - 3

How does a passion for soccer, flowers in tin cans and henna candles come together? Sharlene and Nihar show us how in their fusion wedding reception! We all know how much I adore outdoor weddings, and this is one wedding where I truly feel all the details strongly reflected the couple. Sharlene took a DIY, eco-friendly approach by using tin cans and brown paper bags. She had her second and third grade students decorate the covers for the cans that would hold colorful bouquets of flowers from Lakshmi's Floral Design, bringing a whimsical and colorful feel to Nestldown.

Originally from New York, the couple had the following tips when planning a destination wedding (in their case, a Northern California wedding): "Pick great vendors! Divide and conquer with your fiance. Keep a to-do list and prioritize. Visit your destination a couple of times. Take into consideration the travel time, hotel location, wedding location. Most importantly: Don't sweat the small stuff and remember if you have enough food, music and drinks, everyone will be happy!" Sounds like the best advice to me!

Thank you to the fabulous Realce Photography for submitting the photos from this beautiful wedding. A warm congratulations to our gorgeous couple, Sharlene and Nihar, from the IndianWeddingSite.com team. We wish you a wonderful married life!

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Northern California Indian Wedding Vendors:

Photography - Realce Photography
Second Photographer - Sabrina Wong
Venue - Nestldown
Wedding Flowers - Lakshmi's Floral Design
Hair - Jacqueline Bush
Mehendi - Rachna Bhatt, Henna and Beyond
Makeup - Arlynn Santos Casanada
Officiant - Neal Singhal
Catering - Continental Caterers
Transportation - Corinthian Parking
Entertainment - Gaucho Jazz, Filam Veterans Rondalla, Marky Enriquez

Outdoor DIY Fusion Reception by Realce Photography - 3

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