Wearing the Mother of the Bride's Wedding Sari

My mom was a ravishing bride. She wore this spectacular bright pink chiffon saree ornamented with light gold work. It was timeless and fabulous and because my mom and I have such a close relationship, I felt it would be fitting to wear her outfit to my own wedding. When the time finally came, we were saddened to see that due to poor storage of the saree after her wedding, there were holes around the edges and the repair would be too expensive and timely to fix. I ended up getting the saree made into a salwar kameez that I wore to my cousin's wedding a few months later.

Here are some ideas of making your mother's wedding dress your own. It can be your "something old" morphed into your "something new"!

  • Use some of the fabric to make a belt for your dress or a bow on your bouquet

  • Wear the outfit to your mehendi night or sangeet

  • Find a good tailor and get a (slight) update

  • Use the fabric in your decor (this works well with a dupta or a saree)

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I'll be back with a final blog all about family!

Wearing the Mother of the Bride

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