Fuchsia, Silver and Black Indian Reception by Victoria's Florals - 2

This amazing Indian wedding reception at Modesto Centre Plaza had well over 500 guests! All the better for Victoria from Victoria's Florals & Designs to really showcase a modern floral design based on orchids and calla lilies.  The color palette of fuchsia, silver and black the bride and groom chose for this reception was elegant and showcased the white flowers beautifully.

A minimalist cluster of calla lilies in various vase shapes adorned with crystals decorate each of the long, rectangular tables in a chic and modern way while the candles provided ambient lighting.  The round tables' centerpieces consisted of tall and long vases filled with orchids floating in water along with a minimalist cluster of calla lilies, proving that sometimes less is more.

Single stems of fuchsia orchids filled with many blooms were placed in rectangular vases alternating with shorter round vases filled with candles.  The flowers appeared to be floating on the black tablecloths with fuchsia runners.

Tall candle holders in various shapes and sizes added interest without looking intrusive.

The bride and groom take center stage among the drapes of sheer and silky silver, accented by crystal votives and silver urns filled with fuchsia roses. The purple-pink lighting really made the silver stand out more.

To fill a large space, tall and wide centerpieces were used in accent tables among the ballroom.  Tall branches used for height were adorned with a colorful array of single pink orchids that seemed to float.

And of course, the happy bride and groom in the elegant color palette of pink, silver and black.

We'll see you back here tomorrow for another beautiful Indian wedding!

Modesto, California Wedding Vendors:

Floral & Event Design - Victoria's Florals & Event Design
Stage Backdrop - One and Only Wedding Design
Photography - CVP Studios

Fuchsia, Silver and Black Indian Reception by Victoria

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