Fusion Indian Betrothal Ceremony by Uzbin Photography

Today we have a betrothal ceremony so colorful and intricate that we have no idea how the couple will top this when their actual wedding comes along! Sunira and Jeremy held their special ceremony at Tadka Banquet Hall in Atlanta. Their talented photographer, Uzbin Photography, gave us some fun details from that special day:

"The beautiful intricacy of both the details and the ceremony itself were a testament to how invested Sunira and Jeremy’s families were in their big day. The bronze oil lamps and wall decor all seem like fun and games until you see the rangoli they decorated on their own. Sunira’s uncle led the prayer during the ceremony while her family/friends brought beautifully decorated gift plates to the couple. This was another one of those events that’s kinda sorta a photographer’s dream come true. Awesome details, awesome hosts/guests, awesome couple. The end."


See you tomorrow with two more amazing engagement sessions!




Fusion Indian Betrothal Ceremony by Uzbin Photography

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