Surprise Indian Proposal Pictures by Limon Photography

I have such a treat for you today! When I saw this surprise proposal captured from afar by Limon Photography, I knew it had to be shared. This will completely melt you and for those of you who aren't engaged yet, you'll be dreaming of the big day with a smile from ear to ear!

Even better, we have the groom (the amazing groom!) sharing how he planned this surprise proposal for the love of his life!

"Neema and I have been together for over 7 years.  We met in high school and reconnected during my sophomore year and her freshman year of college.  It's been hard work but smooth sailing ever since. I'm a straight Bollywood junkie at heart, and so I wanted to do something Shah Rukh Khan would have done in the early 90s.  I also knew that the element of surprise was a must.  Combine those two elements and the result was: A walk through UNC's campus to a fake graduation party with photographers and a guitar player strategically placed to create an unforgettable moment.  The gallery of photos by Limon Photography tells the rest of the story. "

Tearing up yet? See the entire series of photos on Limon Photography's website. Congratulations to the beautiful couple, Neema and Ashish!

Surprise Indian Proposal Pictures by Limon Photography

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