Indian Wedding Games and Doli Ceremonies

As much as I love a traditional wedding, I love it even more when brides think outside of the box and incorporate their own spin on the wedding ceremonies and their meaning. Shikha was completely opposed to the idea of a vidaai with tearful goodbyes at the thought of her leaving her parents' home. (Um, I should probably apologize for crying while walking down the aisle!) She wanted to spend her wedding day smiling, knowing that her family and friends were happy. After the fun of the post-wedding games, she decided to part with tradition by walking out of the ceremony with a big smile on her face.

Another element I loved? Shikha used this opportunity to ceremoniously give back her dad's credit card and take Gaurav's, opening a new chapter in her life where she was no longer her dad's responsibility. Now THAT is a modern doli ceremony and had all of their guests laughing away!

The finale is coming right up - don't miss it!

California Wedding Vendors: Photography and Cinematography - Wedding Documentary Photo and Cinema / Venue - Fairmont San Jose / Decor and Coordination: Ajooba Events / Hair and Makeup - Christal Clear / Mehndi - Ravie Kattaura

Indian Wedding Games and Doli Ceremonies

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