New Jersey Indian E-Session by Pandya Photography

If you love cherry blossoms like me, you're in for a swoon-worthy engagement session today, courtesy of the talented husband and wife team at Pandya Photography.

Gentlemen - your ladies will be running around picking the perfect outfit, makeup, etc. to prepare for the e-session. Your job? Woo her. Take her out the night before, get her something small and sweet and put her in a great mood. The more lovey dovey you two are during your e-session, the better your pictures will be!

From Abhi at Pandya Photography: "Shooting with Merene and Cyril was an absolute pleasure. We generally like to shoot with longer lenses so we can allow our couples to get close and not have a big camera in their face. These two did not need any direction at all. They have great chemistry and it shows in their photos. We started our shoot at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Newark, NJ which brings in thousands of visitors every year. Lucky for us our couple had no need for vast open space, they were glued together for the entire shoot!"

We'll be back with the second half of this engagement session in just a bit!

New Jersey Indian E-Session by Pandya Photography

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