Destination Indian E-Session by Nayeem Vohra Photography

We showcased a lovely CA engagement session this morning that was inspired by the open field love songs in the movie DDLJ. Now we're taking you straight to India for a destination wedding through the eyes of the talented Nayeem Vohra. His work is stunning and I've been waiting for a reason to share it with all of you!

Aman and Simar set out for an actual pind (village) for their e-session and dressed the part from head to toe. Along with traditional props like a matka and hand fan, the beautiful couple set out on a tractor in the middle of a lush field for some unforgettable photos.

From Nayeem, "... photographing Aman and Simar felt like a modern day Heer Ranjha come alive sans the opposing  families! Thanks to the enthusiastic couple who truly set the tone of this photo session. From the traditional gear to the very real pind (village) setting, this was one photo session where I felt the pages of history came alive ..."

I am dying over that photo with the baby goat. What a lucky, creative couple! Thank you to Nayeem Vohra Photography for sharing this session with us!

Have an amazing weekend everyone, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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