Kenya Indian Wedding - Raj and Nimeet (1)

Happy Thursday everyone! We have a stunning wedding to share with you, all the way from Africa! This 5 day international wedding was nothing short of amazing.

Let's dive right in with the Mehndi. The couple threw a white party and had the entire Nairobi National Museum privatized to host the event. I know traditionally the Mehndi party is full of color, but this white party is so refreshing!

Towards the end of the night, guests were faced with some tropical showers. Instead of heading back in, they continued to dance in the rain! I love this shot of a woman in the rain while dressed in a sari.

We have tons more gorgeous photos from Christophe Photo coming right up!

Photo credit: Christophe Wedding Photo: french wedding photographer in india

Kenya Indian Wedding - Raj and Nimeet (1)

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