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Happy Monday, everyone! We're ready to bring you a few great wedding films to get you excited for your big day.

You know you're in good hands when you're working with a wedding professional who is so passionate about his work that he is constantly striving to focus and improve on every little detail. These are definitely qualities we see in Fandango Studios and today we're bringing you a few of our top picks from them.

First up, because we know you need a jolt to wake you up, a groom's Pithi ceremony. It's called many different names, but in every wedding it's about the guys' side beautifying their groom, with a LOT of fun thrown in! Definitely one of our favorite parts of an Indian wedding, and Fandango Studios captured Sohail's Pithi with a ton of enthusiasm.

Guaranteed this 2 minute film is going to wake you up faster than your coffee!


  • How much FUN this groom has, even with auntie after auntie feeding him

  • The groom's oh-so-appropriate shirt

  • The ripping of said appropriate shirt!

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