Real Indian Proposal - Jordan and Rohita (1)

I have the cutest couple to introduce to you today! Not only are they lovey dovey adorable, but Jordan hired a photographer to capture the entire proposal! How romantic is that? We'll be sharing the pictures of the proposal so you can experience the sweetness first hand. But first we had to share the straight-out-of-Bollywood story of how these two met.

It all started on August 14, 2003, the day of the Great Northeast Power Blackout. That day the power grid blacked out the northeastern portion of the US and parts of Canada. Rohita left work and walked with a friend towards the Upper East Side. They were headed to her friend's father to get a ride home since there was no public transportation. Jordan just finished a real estate closing, he picked up his dog ( our dog) and dropped him at his parents' house which was also on the Upper East Side. On his way down and her way up, right on the South East corner of 75th Street and 1st Avenue, they met. Rohita's friend happened to be a childhood friend of Jordan's, so introduction was simple. They locked eyes and before you know it they fell in love. Now, 7 years later they are engaged and looking to start the journey for their future.

What makes this even more Bollywood? 7 years later, our dashing groom-to-be proposed on the exact same street corner where they first met ~Swoon~ Make sure to check back to see the entire proposal captured by Peter Woloszyn Photography.

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