Miss Indian Bride's Visit to Ron Ben Israel Cakes

{IWS Note: We are excited to bring blogger, Miss Indian Bride, on board to share her years of wedding planning experience with you. There is nothing she hasn’t dealt with, and no wedding planning topic she doesn’t have a strong opinion on. Get ready for her very candid tips!}

Turns out that Ron Ben Israel read my post about his work, and decided to treat me to some of his scrumptious cakes. Located in trendy SoHo, my visit to Ron Ben Israel Cakes was a treat from start to finish. The rave reviews in Martha Stewart Weddings and O, The Oprah Magazine, are completely warranted. The people are absolutely delightful, and the cake was heaven.

Anyhow, enough of my chatter. Here are the goods:

My Chat With RBI

A Brief Lesson on Sugar Petal Making

RBI uses silicone stencils to create some of the magnificent designs on his cakes. These precious molds are kept in a locked drawer in his workshop. You couldn’t steal his stunning cake designs if you tried.

RBI also creates stencils from the lace on wedding gowns. It’s his surefire method of ensuring that the cake perfectly compliments the bride.

Sugar flowers. Aren’t they pretty?

Check out the sugar pollen!

I tasted eight delicious flavors- four each on vanilla and chocolate. Sadly, I don’t remember all the flavors, but of the eight there was raspberry, pistachio, key lime, mango, and some coffee. RBI customizes flavors for his brides, so this flavor palette presents just a few of the many possibilities.The cake was amazingly light and the flavors were fresh. My absolute favorite was pistachio.

… and there’s the munchkin with RBI. He was trying to entertain her the entirety of our visit. She finally let him hold her before we headed out.

Overall, an amazing experience. I was thrilled at how several of RBI’s flavors appeal to the South Asian palate. He even bakes egg-less cakes when requested- a definite bonus for any South Asian wedding.

Miss Indian Bride

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