Indian Wedding Favors - Candy Buffet Table

{IWS Note: We are excited to bring blogger, Miss Indian Bride, on board to share her years of wedding planning experience with you. There is nothing she hasn't dealt with, and no wedding planning topic she doesn't have a strong opinion on! Enjoy her first post and get ready for more of her candid tips.}

I wonder why some brides even bother with wedding favors.  Etiquette doesn't call for the distribution of favors- especially tacky and tasteless ones. So, if you're thinking of gifting 2x2 plastic frames ... do yourself (and your guests) a favor and just scrap the idea right now. Wouldn't you rather invest the extra $30 per table on linen, runners, or better lighting? Couples often become so obsessed with the idea of favors that they forget that guests should actually like what they get. Honestly, most times, the $3 monogrammed knick-knacks I receive end up in the trash or in a drawer full of items I will one day throw in the trash. Monograms are cute - I get that. But, as a guest, do I really want luggage tags with someone else's initials?

My suggestion to you, Miss Bride-to-Be, is to be a bit more creative. One of my favorite favor ideas is the candy buffet table. Candy buffets serve more than the obvious purpose - they provide additional decor, and create an activity for guests. You really can't go wrong! After all, who doesn't like candy?

A few things you should consider before hitting your local candy store:

1. Your color scheme: Lucky for us, candies come in all colors and shapes.
2. Jar Size: Pick jars with different heights and shapes to create depth.
3. Candy bags: Pick an appropriate size that helps you stay within your budget. The bigger the bag - the more candy it will hold. Place one candy bag at each place setting to limit the number of bags your guests fill.
4. Type of Candy: Some candy is more expensive than others. Pick wisely and appropriately.

If you don't like this idea and really can't think of anything else, but really want to waste money on favors ... look for $3 monogrammed trash bins. I could use one of those.
Photo Credit: lbcandybuffet


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