Honeymoon Destination: Greece

Its five thousand year history comes alive in Classical, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval antiquities and in customs that survive to this day.  It’s a land of gentle natural beauty.  The charm of the Greek islands must be seen to be believed.  Most of the country is unspoiled; yet, it offers superb accommodations and transportation. The food is world-famous and entertainment is everywhere to be had.

When is the best time of the year to travel to Greece?

Greece enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate.  The summer season begins after Easter, in mid April and extends to mid October.  The spring/summer weather in April, May and June make these months the best time to visit Greece.  The weather is dry and sunny, and not uncomfortably hot.  This is just before the peak summer season of July and August.  September and October are also very good months to visit Greece.  It is still warm and sunny and the weather is perfect for sightseeing.

Even in the winter (November-March), Greece is inviting.  The weather can be cold but always sunny.  The southern islands of Crete and Rhodes enjoy mild Mediterranean winters.

Where to go

Greece is a treasure trove of archaeological sites and monuments, the origins of which span a long history starting from prehistoric times to the present.  This mosaic of culture co-exists in modern Greece giving you the opportunity to make a special journey through time.  This, combined with its endless coastline and beautiful islands, makes Greece a singularly unique choice in honeymoon destination.



Athens, the birthplace of Western civilization, is a 3500 year old city with a rich history that reaches back to the Neolithic period.  It is dominated by the Acropolis, Athenian citadel, site of the Parthenon, wonder of the ancient world.  It is the home of Pericles, Socrates, Aristotle, and the poets Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes who formed many of the ideas that inspired the Renaissance, the Classical revival of the 18th century, the Romantics, and our time.

Athens today is one of the world’s great cities.  It successfully hosted the 2004 Olympics.  In Athens, the traveller finds a rich mix of Western and Eastern traditions, a relaxed lifestyle of cafes and nightlife, great restaurants, outstanding museums, fun shopping, and gregarious, easygoing, friendly people.  Like all great cities, it is worth visiting again and again.

Visit ancient Delphi, resting along the slopes of the Parnassus Mountains, Olympia, site of the ancient Games, and the Temple of Poseidon, overlooking the Aegean at Cape Sounion, Dion, at the feet of Olympus, mountain of the Gods.  Don’t miss the medieval monestaries of Meteora, perched on top pillar-like cliffs.

Honeymooners have a wonderful selection of islands to choose from to celebrate their union.  Of course, Mykonos and Santorini are the top world honeymoon destinations, but medieval Rhodes, the southernmost Greek island of Crete, Sifnos and  Paros are all waiting to be discovered.



In the summer, Mykonos is the original party island of the Mediterranean and a staunch defender of the title any year.  While commercial to the hilt, its beauty explains its commercial success.  It has great beaches and hotels and non-stop nightlife.  Fun to watch, fun to participate, the island slows down in the winter and during Easter Week.  Part of visiting Greece is being a little overwhelmed by the nightlife and Mykonos is the place to do it.



The volcanic island of Santorini bears the scars of its colossal eruption around 1450 BC which was felt around the Aegean and brought an end to the Minoan civilization.  Its beaches are black –with floating pumice stones.  In the caldera, the water gets from warm, to hot, to possibly unbearable.  The island is geologically spectacular. The ancient town of Thera combines Greek, Roman, and Byzantine elements.   It is a popular island both for weddings and honeymoons and the sunsets are world famous!  Santorini is definitely on the beaten path in Greece – but the reasons are understandable.


Rhodes is a very romantic island.  A stroll through the Old Town of Rhodes will take you back to the medieval times of the Knights of St John.  Walk along the paved narrow streets, past the imposing stone ramparts of the well preserved Venetian Castle, where the proud insignia are still visible.

Tour the historical monuments of the past like Lindos, Ialyssos, Philerimos, and Kamiros, and discover the magic of one of the most important civilizations.  Stroll along the endless, beautiful, sandy beaches or take a boat ride on the Rhodes sea.


Crete was the center of the Minoan Civilization, the oldest civilization in Europe!  The remains of the Minoans can be seen all over the island, but the Minoan palace of Knossos is a jewel that must not be missed.  This southernmost island of Greece has much to offer its visitors.  Large stretches of shimmering sandy beaches, imposing mountains dotted with picturesque villages, and a large selection of top class hotels and resorts, some of which cater only to honeymoon couples.  Cretan cuisine is famous, even in Greece - it is the true Mediterranean diet!

You can also visit many of these islands by luxury cruises that give you a 5 star floating holiday while you enjoy the rich offerings of Greece.

Greek Cuisine

Eating out is the most popular way to socialize in Greece.  Meals can take hours and the restaurants never hurry you to seat the next party.  Eating the Greek way is to linger over many appetizers, salads, spreads, and wine, and then perhaps have a main dish or two.  The great secret about Greece is the large variety of Greek vegetable dishes.  Olive oil is used predominantly and tomatoes and herbs are the basis of many sauces.  Fresh aubergines, okra, zucchini, lentils, beans, artichokes, wild greens, spinach, and beets find themselves in traditional and more modern recipes.  The staple is bread, rice or potatoes.

There is also outstanding sea food.  Mediteranean fish are caught daily and the best place to enjoy them is at seaside taverns.  In the summer, fish are usually grilled or fried with herbs.  Grilled octopus is a popular delicacy, savored with a local anise-based alcoholic drink, ouzo.  In a country with recent peasant roots and Near Eastern connections, lamb, pork, goat, chicken and veal kebabs, mixed grills, and hearty stews complete a typical Greek menu.  Stuffed vegetables, mousaka, dolmadakia, a la spetsiota, and imam bayildi are common to Greeks.  A healthy Greek salad is a must!  You will probably return home with a recipe book!

The best Greek wines are equal in quality to any you have had anywhere.  It is difficult to find poor wine here, as Greeks have loved wine since prehistoric times.  For this reason, you should not be surprised with the outstanding quality and purity of the wine offered, straight out of the barrel in the back of the restaurant.  Such wine is made by small growers with great love and pride.  House wine is a safe choice in Greece and the waiters often recommend it even when more expensive wines are also available.


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Its five thousand year history comes alive in Classical, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval antiquities and in customs that survive to this day.  It’s a land of gentle natural beauty.  The charm of the Greek islands must be seen to be believed.  Most of the country is unspoiled; yet, it offers superb accommodations and transportation. The food is world-famous and entertainment is everywhere to be had.


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