Indian Engagement Picture Tips

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Engagement pictures can be taken anytime between the beginning of your engagement and before your wedding. We recommend that you have your pictures taken by the same photographer who will photograph your wedding. Many photographers will offer to take these pictures at no extra cost and will include them in your wedding package.

Where do I begin?

The first thing you need to do is work out a date and time that works for both of you and the photographer. Next you need to choose the location. This can be anywhere from the setting of your first date to the location of the proposal. If you have always dreamed of pictures on the beach but will not have the time on your wedding day, this is the perfect opportunity.

What do I need to address with the photographer?

Clear the location with your photographer in advance in case there are any travel fees involved. Find out how long the session will be and agree to something that is comfortable for all of you. Also find out approximately how many pictures will be taken and if any are included in your package. If you will have to purchase pictures, find out prices for different sizes as well.


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What do we wear?

The next big decision is clothing. Engagement pictures give you a chance to capture some professional pictures of both of you in casual wear. These will be a welcome break from the hundreds of wedding pictures you will have of both of you in your finest attire. Many couples choose to coordinate their outfits. This can mean blue jeans for both of you or a white shirt for him and a baby pink dress for you. If you would rather wear Indian clothing for your pictures, choose something elegant but casual. Select something both of you are comfortable in and plan in advance so you aren't rummaging through your closet for an outfit the morning of your session.

What are the benefits of engagement pictures?

This session will give you a better look into the work of your photographer. It will allow all of you to get a better sense of each others' personalities so you can work well together on your wedding day. If you have never been professionally photographed before, this will be great practice. The session will aso give your photographer the chance to find what poses and styles work best for you. All of this will make your wedding pictures that much more beautiful.

You can use your engagement pictures in multiple ways to make your wedding more unique. Use the pictures for your engagement announcements or your save the date cards. You can also enlarge one picture to display at your wedding reception or use the pictures in your wedding ceremony programs. Many couples will also give engagement pictures as gifts to their families. Once you have moved in together, you can display a collage of your engagement pictures.

Besides the above benefits of taking these pictures, the session will be a great break from wedding planning for both of you. Relaxing in a comfortable environment will help you focus on the two of you and allow you to spend quality time together. Make the day extra special by following your session with a romantic dinner for two. Many newlyweds will tell you how important this precious time can be during the wedding planning process. Thinking of this day will help you smile when the stress begins to get to you.

Don't forget to show off those pearly whites and, of course, the sparkle of your new engagement ring!

More and more couples are opting to have engagement pictures taken before their wedding. We recommend that you have your engagement session with the same photographer who will photograph your wedding. Many photographers will offer to take these pictures at no extra cost and will include them in your wedding package.


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