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Tell us a little bit about the Khubsoorat Collection.

The label Khubsoorat draws from the influences of a rich Indian heritage and adopts the concept of fusion by merging ethnic culture with a modern cosmopolitan flavor. Mani Kohli, the backbone of this establishment, has been designing its collections since 1985.

Where have we seen your work?

Today Khubsoorat is a name that not only the ethnic community associates with but also the mainstream market has come to recognize.  Celebrities who have taken a liking to the Khubsoorat clothesline range from Bally Sagoo, British Asian comedian Nina Wadia of Bend it Like Bekham fame to Baroness Kennedy from the British Parliament, and as of recently Beyonce Knowles. Khubsoorat has also been featured as the stylist for many Bollywood actors and actresses, including styling for Bend it Like Bekham and concept styling for the Top UK Asian Rich list dinner hosted every year.

Khubsoorat Collection red lehnga Khubsoorat Collection white halter lehnga

What brings you and the Khubsoorat line to New York?

The main Khubsoorat branch is located in London on Green Street. As of last year Khubsoorat has made a strong presence in the ethnic fashion scene here in New York under the wing of myself and Baldeep Singh. Not only have I been exposed to the glitz and glimmer of the fashion world but I have also worked with my mother, Mani Kohli, to bring forth successful collections in the past. I have also coordinated concept styling for major events in the UK.

How can a bride select her dream bridal ensemble from Khoobsurat?

We introduce an exquisite range of bridal wear once a year in February. However, our design line continually evolves over the year with the introduction of light engagement wear and reception outfits. One of our main services is the provision of custom designing whereby the brides can actually choose the look, cut and embroidery to their taste and time line. We provide consultation in great depth along with swatches for color specification which does not hinder the couple’s process of shopping for other accessories.

Khubsoorat Collection pink lehnga Khubsoorat Collection black sari and suit

Where do you draw inspiration from when creating bridal outfits for Khubsoorat?

Anything and Everything can be an inspiration. However, customers themselves are a great source of inspiration. Having been in retail for such a long time gives you an insight into the look and appeal customers are continually looking for.

What is the price range for your bridal line?

Our bridal line starts from about $1200 to $3000. However, we do work within the budget the bride gives us bearing in mind the look they are looking for.

What are the latest trends in bridal wear?

To some extent brides are going back to their roots and wanting more traditional looks with modern cuts. Hence we have more traditional embroideries on fitted lehangas and full bottom ghers.  Fashion defines an overall look; however every bride would only be able to carry a specific cut. That is where the consultation works.

Khubsoorat Collection white lehnga

What material is most used in your bridal line?

From rich short silks, brocades to French fabrics, bridal wear is all about pure rich fabrics with absolute neat and full trimmings as finishing for layers underneath.

Is red still the most common color used in bridal wear?

Absolutely, although brides are getting adventurous with time so we will see more colors in the future.

Have you designed matching outfits for brides and grooms?

Yes we have. In fact most brides match their grooms in subtle versions of their extravagant lehangas, for example with embroideries on the sherwanis along the front panels and sleeves or matching shawls.

How can a bride not in New York have a wedding outfit designed by Khubsoorat?

Unfortunately our only retail outlet in America is in New York. However, we do send out digital pictures to serious clients in a catalogue format. We also encourage clients to come to the store. In the past we have had a number of brides who have come to New York to shop for their trousseau and hence booked their bridal wear with us.

Can purchases be made online?

Yes, but we do not disclose prices unless a customer e-mails about the piece they are interested in on the website directly. Each order is processed over a period of 3 weeks and is posted out to the customer.

Do you have any tips for brides when making a decision about their bridal outfit?

Brides should ultimately decide on an outfit which is not only beautiful and complimentary in cut and style to their body, but also comfortable. Secondly, as stated, bridal outfits are not only about embroidery but also about placement and fitting, so make sure you get these perfect for the day.

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Khubsoorat Collection has long been respected as one of the leaders in designer bridal wear. had the opportunity to speak with Geetanjali Singh who heads the New York branch and feature a glimpse into the work of this unique design team.


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