Indian weddings are celebrated all around the world with much fervour and pomp! In fact the demand for Indian destination wedding has grown significantly in recent years. Not only does a destination wedding helps ascertain that the guests invited are relevant parties, they are also popular due to better value for money.
The hottest region for having an Indian destination wedding has indeed turned out to be Cancun / Riviera Maya area of Mexico in North America. We often get asked about budgeting the event decor. Depending on the resort you choose to host your Indian wedding at, you can base the costs associated with event decor. Other than that, whether you are having your destination wedding indoor in a banquet or by the beachside, there can be different tiers you can expect your Indian destination wedding bill for event decor to fall into.
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We have already discussed a few aspects of planning an Indian destination wedding and the costs associated with it in detail. Goes without saying, deciding the event decor for an Indian wedding is quite a lot of task - it involves planning, working out the budgets, and what not! Don’t let logistics keep you away from enjoying your once in a lifetime Indian destination wedding. We can help you weigh in how to plan a fuss-free wedding and handle event decor costs! 
Palace Resorts always has one or another special deal/promotion going on when it comes to saving on event decor aspects. Sometime back, they were giving away $1500 wedding credits for event decor related costs such as additional flowers, etc on bookings made on weddings. They also have a five tiers resort credit program that means the longer you stay, the more credits you can earn. For a 3 night stay, you can earn $250 credit; for a 12+ days stay, you can earn $2500 credit.
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As far as Indian destination wedding costs are concerned, the major chunk depends primarily on event decor planning. While this totally depends on requirement and budget set by both the families involved, there are some basics to get started. For a destination wedding, there are some event decoration elements to be looked into and costs can be evaluated accordingly.
From stage setup to draping of the hall, some ideas can give a prominent facelift to your Indian destination wedding. 
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Indian Destination Wedding Costs: Event Decor Planning Elements
1. Event Requirements - The first and the most important factor in determining the overall cost for an Indian destination wedding is its scale. From the kind of manpower required for setting up the venue to planning layouts and productions - these elements can be considered as prime determinants. Usually, this starts as low as $250.
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2. Drapery- In order to leave a lasting impression of your indoor setup on the minds of your guests, you need to invest in drapery for the destination wedding. This depends on the ball room size and the kind of drapes you require. There can be many options for draping such white gauze draping, wall gauze curtains, and something more unconventional like a starlight backdrop curtain with LED lights. Our entrusted vendors have expertise in deciding the best drapery for your venue, which starts as low as $380.
3. Stage Setup - Setting the scene for the destination wedding is the place which has all the eyes of the guests set on it; you guessed it right - the stage. The bride and the groom remain confined to this space for the most time so it has to be appealing. Whether you wish to deck it up with flowers and lights or a royal background or just about pretty drapes, these minuscule elements decide the overall Indian destination wedding cost. 
4. Bar Counter - Not everyone present at the Indian destination wedding will be there for the bride and groom; there would be some for daaru too! Well, why not? That’s one element that keeps the party moving into the wee hours of the night. Now whether you want to keep it simple with just about retro lights or personalize it with your signages or just take it to another level by installing a truck bar will decide the Indian destination wedding cost. 
Rani Pink
Rani Pink
5. Others - Now there are ’n’ elements other than bar and stage which will heavily determine the overall destination wedding cost. This includes candle decor, cake stands, paper prints, wedding signages at the entry, chairs, a line of bulb lights, lanterns, white street lamps, and alike.
Rani Pink
Rani Pink
If you want to know more about specific destination decor options, feel free to write to us using our online contact forms. Not just weddings, we can also help you with determining costs for sangeet ceremony or mehendi. Make sure to mention your name, number and email address correctly so we can reach you.