10 Tips to Know If You're Dreaming A Big Mexico Indian Wedding

Indian destination weddings in Mexico are quite a blast if done right. Between the picturesque locales and fun, beachy vibe, it is the perfect fit for couples considering destinations in that part of the world. 

If you’re planning a big fat Indian wedding in Mexico, here are some tips that will come in handy for sure: 

  • Sunrise vs Sunset

A lot of people choose the resort for their wedding, satisfied that it has a private beach-front to have the wedding. But bear in mind that most resorts in the Cancun are face the sunrise, and not the sunset. In such area, you’d need to be on a raised cliff or a yacht to get a sunset wedding shot. 

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  • Spaced-Out Functions 

If you are expecting a huge bunch of relatives from different parts of the world, they will probably arrive after long flights or hours of travel. Don’t stuff too many functions in a very short span of time – you will risk people not turning up. Allow people time to rest and recuperate from jet lag. 

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  • Beat the Heat

While beach weddings are very beautiful and romantic, sweat and dripping makeup is not. So, it is important to schedule wedding functions cognizant of how hot Mexico beaches can get in the morning time. 

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Photo Credits: Take It Photo

  • The Right Kind of Resort 

A lot of resorts in Mexico are palatial in the way that Vegas hotels are. In such hotels, you cannot expect too much privacy or exclusivity since there’s loads of guests around. Also, moving about may be an issue for aged guests. Understand that big doesn’t necessarily mean best when it comes to picking your wedding resort. 

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Photo Credits: NIZUC_Weddings 

  • Pool Parties

A popular feature of most weddings in Mexico is the pool party function. Indians could host their mehendi, haldi, or other daytime events by the pool-side. Avoid evening functions by the pool because the pictures, lighting, and energy is always better in morning events. 

pool party

  • No Food Fights

Indian gatherings of any kind revolve around food. While Mexican resorts typically have all-inclusive packages for weddings, where food and lodging for guests is combined, be sure to arrange for external caterers for all events. Indian food is readily available but do multiple tastings before finalizing the caterer – you don’t want any complaining guests, right? 

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  • Educate and Instruct 

Many guests who are coming in from afar may not know what to expect at a destination wedding in a far-off land. Inform your guests of the expected weather, resort policies, inclusions and exclusions beforehand – there should be no unpleasant surprises for anyone. 

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Photo Credits: Isrrani Photography

  • All Things Natural 

There are some natural elements that can come in the way of your wedding experience if you’re not careful. Most Mexican beaches are covered with some seaweed for 2-3 months every 4-5 years. Also, some parts of the country are prone to hurricanes. Research on such occurrences and their timing to avoid disaster. 

  • Backup Outfits

Mexican weather is moderate and suitable for both indoor and outdoor functions. But it can also get very hot in some months, or unexpectedly rainy in others. Carry several extra outfits so that you can dress as suitable to the weather for outdoor functions. 

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Photo Credits: Studio Kelly Photography

  • Leisure Time 

It is very important for the bride and groom to enjoy some leisure activities amidst the wedding flurry. Ensure you book some leisure activities to get a break from the mayhem between functions. 


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