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By Gunjan

They saved the best for last so we’re skipping to the end of Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2015 to bring you some of our favorite shows.

First up we have the intoxicatingly beautiful runway fashions by Anushree Reddy. Helping her present her collection was none other than celebrity favorites Amy Jackson and Rana Daggubati. My favorite part about this collection, comprised of lenghas, anarkhalis and kurta pajamas, was how easily the looks could translate from runway to wedding aisle.

11896459_10153016831540936_7716989564399423537_o 11950427_10153016831790936_5669480506115976229_o 11893872_10153016831695936_1903518408383475140_o 11872066_10153016831700936_5596958024085936958_o

I love her use of simple pastel colors with the floral prints and embellishments. Each one subtle enough not to overwhelm the outfit but just enough to stand out and make you say wow. I also adore all of her different choli’s. From the high neck, cut out sleeves, bustiers and plunging necklines there is enough variety for everyone.

11896354_10153016831810936_5753608030224438930_o 11891869_10153016831815936_1076021443855242254_o 11934511_10153016831880936_8971932903380199937_o 11060457_10153016831955936_1480947218924929312_o 11953417_10153016831970936_3797867568651755556_o

Bollywood favorite Anushree Reddy is always a difficult act to follow but Arpita Mehta managed to hold her own with her creations entitled The Golden Hour. Filled with elegant gowns, lenghas and churidars this is one collection that lived up to its name.

I absolutely adore this first outfit. Love the traditional style top that drapes down into this gorgeous flow of fabric.

11053089_10153016832570936_4178561762673989229_o 11884091_10153016832580936_2241321269331591450_o 11884663_10153016833045936_280732242122218442_o 11893783_10153016832755936_3296764815389186508_o 11894570_10153016832800936_3145689032109538213_o 11895081_10153016832915936_3504872734794323105_o



Closing out the show for Mehta was Bollywood royalty Malaika Arora Khan who sashayed down the runway in a gold off the shoulder choli with a high slit skirt.

We will be back tomorrow with the finale to Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2015!

By Gunjan

Day two of Lakme Fashion Week was filled to the brim with Sari’s but none of the other designers even came close to Ritu Kumar.

Debuting her collection, Varanasi Weaves, Kumar delivered traditional attire infused with modern day prints and colors. Her most notable staple on the runway was her incorporation of the skinny belt tied tightly around the waist ensuring a skinny bodice with a sari flare.

11906809_10153011530195936_2950005108749991290_o 11046468_10153011531575936_4123805629393732444_o 11046468_10153011531640936_2267442829430464144_o

I’m drooling over this pink sari. I love the sleeveless sweatheart neck choli with the gold border- sexy but elegant!

11878871_10153011530660936_8243908811869718170_o 11888143_10153011532680936_2267649320652159983_o

Make sure to take special note of the next few necklines in this collection. Each one is embellished and unique drawing attention to the collar bone and making a bold impact.

11888618_10153011531845936_8666013787039784316_o 11892323_10153011531490936_60218079172223532_o 11892475_10153011533055936_2613775542560119340_o 11895275_10153011531375936_2294918897748216043_o 11896290_10153011531985936_5220311953691986645_o 11930964_10153011531285936_6640396648657943519_o 11947777_10153011531915936_5006186708832286978_o 11952837_10153011533485936_7923183654012717181_o

Closing out the show with a bang was Bollywood Royalty Aditi Rao Hyadri modeling a gulabi pink brocade sari, choli and gold churidar!

11921892_10153011533460936_3751447568237187723_o 11878982_10153011535430936_1236725688323113349_o


Make sure to check back in tomorrow for Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week!

By Gunjan

Our next designer needs no introduction because his work speaks for itself. Manish Malhotra debuted his newest collection, The Gentlemen’s Club, on the Lakme Fashion Week stage last week. Filled with dark and rich hues, the fashions demanded elegance and grace.

I am salivating over these next few gowns. Each one is more gorgeous than the last with simple embellishments yet drastic necklines. I really cannot decide which one is my favorite!

11951625_10153009928175936_3553116421236708633_o 11951582_10153009898230936_3351546411462338485_o 11900111_10153009898785936_410320362954950499_o 11888631_10153009907335936_2829593886446737203_o 11884020_10153009914370936_8337196539802670320_o 11875204_10153009903800936_3170376177233919278_o

Not to be upstaged by the ladies, Malhotra outfitted the men with equally royal attire. Printed Sherwanis, deep burgundy hues and embellished jackets made sure the Gentlemen’s Collection would not be soon forgotten.

11223830_10153009906310936_7637475804512209596_o 11875101_10153009936845936_4558808288721698653_o 11885046_10153009941885936_1809653783212040182_o 11890481_10153009947115936_5683611578806366621_o


We will be back tomorrow with more from Lakme Fashion Week!


By Gunjan

We’re back bringing you full coverage from Lakme Fashion Week Day 1. The first day of shows kicked off with runway gems from designers such as Nikhil Thampi, Krishna Mehta and Payal Singhal.

First up we have the highlights from Nikhil Thampi’s Winter Festive collection, Alchemy. Drenched with gems and sequence this latest collection reminded me a lot of Cleopatra esque designs. Filled with plunging necklines, full bodices, cinched waists and mermaid tailed lengha’s, Alchemy would be fit for any bride hoping to have her wedding in a tropical destination!

11885041_10153009511030936_6294074730019456913_o 11882290_10153009509530936_8722181928490210123_o 11053705_10153009511830936_1572436112363609272_o 11896430_10153009508810936_4253622733485671106_o 11952821_10153009507610936_5974177109459549143_o


Om-Tex presented Krishna Mehta’s newest bridal fashions. Encompassing high necks, colorful prints, ruffles and stamped metallics this collection targeted the bold bride. I particularly love how Mehta toyed with the traditional jacket layering his outfits with different length coats.

11896459_10153009624055936_6715988108624037971_o 11896383_10153009623830936_8992187343574383411_o 11934481_10153009622530936_4219619390912427107_o 11908582_10153009627925936_2331697269042345552_o


Our next designer is a household name who needs no introduction, Payal Singhal. Her newest collection, Mayaa, was filled with black and white patterned beauties. Playing with the cap sleeves, sheer anarkhali’s, long cholis and traditional prints, Singhal made sure her Winter collection appealed to all different tastes and styles. Walking the runway alongside Singhal was actress Nimrat Kaur who modeled the final red and gold traditional lengha.

11872256_10153009508780936_5886997227075820651_o 11884659_10153009507635936_6861817181808501150_o 11947928_10153009509940936_3766543993618011071_o 11947747_10153009512095936_2215978421432484048_o


We’ll be back a little later with Manish Malhotra’s newest men’s collection, The Gentlemen’s Club.

By Gunjan

It’s going to be a week full of fashion on IWS because we’re bringing you the best of Lakme Fashion Week 2015. To kick it off we’re featuring a retro collection by fashion mavens Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla who opened the show with their masterpiece, Awani Jaaneman.

11942104_10153007762775936_8198644287392757737_o 11942190_10153007759900936_975413785762988029_o ABU JANI SANDEEP KHOSLA Lakshmi Fashion Week ABU JANI SANDEEP KHOSLA

Self described as an exuberant Ode to Retro Chic, an era reloaded and repackaged in a fabulous, futuristic avatar, the designers took muted beiges, shiny metallics and retro pops of color to bring this collection alive.

11886119_10153007745795936_6362010131441241429_o 11895244_10153007768645936_7685047735398154261_o 11896530_10153007770050936_2253071596718793146_o 11935134_10153007757650936_7330165807392434673_o 11884659_10153007761050936_7375353473426403312_o

I absolutely adore the addition of the ruffles in an effort to bring more of a 70s chic to the outfits. They are so fun and playful while simultaneously stepping the glam factor up 100 notches.

10860919_10153007767095936_2624767461736673372_o 11053059_10153007753385936_8897932132685721001_o 11856519_10153007761835936_4248258690797063201_o 11879204_10153007746410936_6220507852014649095_o


That’s it from opening day of Lakme Fashion Week 2015. Make sure to check in with us tomorrow as we feature the highlights from Day 1!

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