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I’ve been dreaming about the perfect, sleek, sassy, and strappy pair of gold and silver sandals, and I found it!  It’s slender and sophisticated, with the easiest maintenance that I’ve seen in a wedding sandal. I also love the gold (not too shocking) and the equally subtle silver. There’s something really elegant about a simple stiletto heel (this sexy pair is at almost 5” high). I think my favorite part of this sandal is the extra strap in the middle, which allows for additional support, and the zip in the back (so you don’t need to deal with those darn buckles!). Oh also, did you notice there are no bells, whistles, ornaments, glitter, etc? It really is the understated sandal that doesn’t take away the attention of your outfit. Simple is sexy!




Guiseppe Zanotti “Coline” 

By Gunjan

We’re heading to the Victorian era today with Kavita Bhartia’s latest collection from Amazon India Fashion Week. Drawing inspiration from the monarchy, Bhartia used lace, silk and crepe fabric to give the old world charm to her new era collection. Keeping the color palette mostly nude and pastel, she designed layered a-line dresses fit for daytime into evening.

11081210_886284974747197_2944814428350663093_n 15775_886285168080511_2748383355023304774_n 11081368_886285284747166_1989572453790209354_n 11069632_886285348080493_4200877145533371316_n 11009381_886285501413811_3490468011892549713_n 10930083_886285541413807_2924704898215714922_n 11060990_886285558080472_7450891100525821741_n 11081230_886285631413798_560910543293876958_n 11092154_886285728080455_1477980273540993154_n 10425070_886285754747119_719350512266545188_n 11036949_886285814747113_96897820406331191_n 644421_886285834747111_7093510015409131099_n


By Gunjan

It’s fashion overload right now in the world of Indian runway fashion. Right on the heels of Lakmé Fashion Week comes Amazon India Fashion Week 2015 and we’re sharing the pastel collection of goodness via Payal Singhal’s new collection! Filled with pale colors and muted undertones, the emphasis was most definitely on the fabric. Incorporating dainty lace with ruffles and sheer sequins, the outfits were absolutely divine.

11023335_886248521417509_2315454241287027141_n 1960027_886248308084197_2978598406646721986_n 10422177_886248354750859_1957318716787561726_n 10628348_886248451417516_3948672272790016728_n

I am literally swooning. I mean belts, lace and tulle all in one outfit? Does it get any more perfect than this?

10999653_886248221417539_3063833928939102218_n 11067448_886248254750869_2329338524949773226_n 11081336_886248414750853_8021613076434577436_n 17630_886248138084214_303831135854724573_n 19796_886248098084218_3969965147770156607_n 1549248_886248171417544_7264353140444744144_n 10406522_886247764750918_8538095546929437324_n 10422974_886248038084224_170612415108043744_n 10470928_886247904750904_2822444203403835458_n 11070085_886247988084229_5846645387968557402_n 11078195_886247641417597_5511954170255355557_n 10897930_886248564750838_4449182316811738478_n


By Gunjan

The windy city is bringing us a gorgeous detailed filled wedding today. Simply by Suzy captured the beautiful wedding of Kav and Alpa who, on top of planning their amazing wedding, were also a 4th year medical student and 1st year resident! Their photographer, Simply by Suzy, really photographed this wedding to make sure every single detail was well documented. Between her eye for detail and the couple’s meticulous planning, this wedding was perfection!

I could go on and on about everything I love about this wedding but the bride, Alpa, shared so many details that I will let her do the talking instead!

1a indian bridal lengha 6a indian bridal hair

“Kav and I met in a physical chemistry course at Loyola University Chicago back in our pre-med days (over eight years ago!). I was an over-eager front-row student and he was definitely the opposite. On the first day of this notoriously difficult course, I was running late and ended up taking the seat next to the quiet Indian boy in the back row. Kav is the soft-spoken, studious type so it took some time to get to know the person sitting next to me that semester. We started out as study buddies and eventually became the best of friends before deciding to make our relationship official in December of 2006! “

11a indian wedding baraat 12a indian wedding baraat

“As we planned for the big day, I made it a point to focus on the details that would allow us to share our story with our guests without breaking the bank. I was going for elegant and modern with a touch of whimsy and, above all else, personal. We chose a deep purple and gold color palette with pops of red and maroon to blend our modern vision with the traditional Indian wedding colors. This was executed beautifully by our decorator, Poonam, who worked with us to design a stunning mandap that was ethereal and just perfect for the tented Lakeside Pavilion where our ceremony was held. Because we maintained the same color scheme for both the ceremony and reception, we were successfully able to reuse the beautiful floral arrangements from the ceremony as our centerpieces for the guest and sweetheart tables at the reception. To set a romantic tone for the evening, we had candlelight and rose petals on every table as well as a gold arch-shaped backdrop with hanging votive candles behind the sweetheart and cake tables. It was truly breathtaking.”

15a indian wedding ceremony decor 18a indian wedding bridesmaid 21a indian wedding bride aisle 23a indian wedding staging 26a indian wedding staging 27a indian wedding groom

Make sure to head on over to the photo gallery to see all of the images from today!

28a indian wedding aisle 32a indian wedding bride and groom 33a indian wedding bride and groom

“When we started discussing our wedding, Kav and I agreed that we would have a fairly traditional ceremony as it was important to us to honor our parents and our heritage. However, I also wanted to infuse our own character into the wedding reception to give it a more personal feel.”

36a indian wedding shoes 37a indian wedding bridal party 38a indian wedding bridesmaid 39a indian wedding mehndi 40a indian wedding shoes 42a indian wedding couple

“Kav and I both come from large extended families with many children, we created a wedding activity book for our younger guests. This was a lot of fun to put together and, to this day, we continue to receive positive comments about the activity books from our guests. I truly feel that these little personal touches, which we injected into the day, were some of the most memorable features of the wedding.” 

50a indian wedding programs 52a indian wedding escort cards 53a indian wedding table 54a indian wedding menu 55a indian wedding reception decor

“In the spirit of infusing our love and our story into the details of the day, each of our table numbers included a memory, story, or a fact associated with the number of the table. For example, “Table 6: The number of hours it would take to drive from K’s family’s village in India to A’s family’s village in India (Buhari to Unjha).” This was a fun way to reminisce about old memories and also share new things with all of our guests. “

56a indian wedding table numbers 57a indian wedding word search 59a indian wedding chairs 60a indian wedding shoes 61a indian wedding bride and groom 62a indian wedding dance floor

“For our cake, we asked the pastry chef to decorate each tier with memorable words that Kav and I came up with. These words ranged from our favorite restaurant to the place that we met, and everything in between. Not only was this a great opportunity for Kav and I to reflect on our relationship, the final result was beautiful, unique, and of course, delicious (it was a yellow and chocolate cake with a raspberry filling served a la mode with coconut gelato … yum!.”

67a indian wedding cake 68a indian wedding cake 69a indian wedding thank you

“I decided to surprise Kav by purchasing a really fun tea-length wedding dress to wear to our marriage license signing at the local courthouse. Our photographer, Suzy, graciously offered to document that milestone for us. My sister and two of my closest friends were also present, making it all the more special. “

71a indian wedding portrait 72a indian wedding just married

Thank you so much to Simply by Suzy, Kav and Alpa for submitting today’s wedding!

To see more head on over to our photo gallery!

Illinois Indian Wedding Vendors: Photography – Simply by Suzy / Floral and Décor - Poonam Creations / Cinematography - HWu Studios / Catering - India House / DJ - DJ Prashant Shah / Hair & Make-up - Bridal Makeup by Nadia Tikki / Baraat - Maharaja Farm

By Gunjan

Our Featured Vendor, Sampat Jewellers, joins us on the blog today highlighting symbolic facts about the 16 key pieces of Indian jewelry!

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Jewelry is the most important thing for dressing up a bride and to be ready for the big day. But many of us don’t know the actual significance of every piece that a bride wears.  Through this article, we want to make every bride/woman understand the significance so she can really appreciate the beauty of the various pieces of bridal jewelry!

1.  Tika: Maang Tika is considered one of the prime accessories for brides. It is supposed to rest on the center of the forehead, which is the 6th Chakra in Hindu mythology. As it’s placed in the center, it also signifies one’s ability to control emotions and give the power of concentration. More importantly it implies the union of female with the male in nature at all levels including physical. This is specifically associated with women about to get married and enter a new phase of life.

2. Nath (Nose pin): Nose stud or ring is worn by both married and unmarried Hindu women. The significance of the nose stud varies from region to region. In certain Hindu sects, a nose ring is worn during marriage and is a symbol of married woman. In some cultures, the size of the nose ring implies the amount of wealth a family possesses.



3. Jhumkha (Earrings): From earliest times long ear lobes have been regarded as a sign of spiritual development and superior status. The purpose of wearing earrings is not only for beauty and adornment but also to protect from evil influences. Wearing of large earrings also is supposed to have some therapeutic value. In certain places, ear piercing was believed to be good for the eyes; it also sharpened the mind and drew off ‘bad humors’.

4. Necklace: Necklaces are often worn near the heart. Their purpose is to strengthen our emotions and love. For instance, by wearing a necklace of a stone it is believed that we are binding ourself to the stone’s powers and the magical properties assigned to it. A necklace also is believed to have a purpose of distracting the viewer from the wearer’s body and thus protecting her from the mysterious wicked eye.

2Nose ring

5. Kada (Bangles) :  Made of any material that showcases the supreme craftsmanship by using shell, copper, bronze, gold, diamonds and silver and almost any material. These circlets symbolize the potent energy of the sun.

6. Baju Bandh (Armlet): Different types of Baju Bandh are worn in different parts of India. “Baju” means arm and “Bandh” is covering. It is the symbol of strength and position of the kings and queens and symbolizes great power and strength.


7. Wedding Ring: The wedding ring, worn on the second finger of the left hand, is a priceless ornament. Ancient Romans believed that the vein in that finger runs directly to the heart.

8. Payal (Anklet): Anklet is worn just above the foot joint.  By wearing silver regularly, it is said that silver is absorbed through the skin. This has a pain-relief effect in such a way that it increases blood circulation and also reduces muscle pain.


9. Kamarbandh (Waist Band ): This is my favorite of all. It is the most sensual of all the ornaments. This waist belt attracts attention towards the sensual navel area, highlighting the thin waist of a woman. It can be made of silver or gold with diamonds and gemstones. It is also used by women to keep a check on fat accumulation around their belly.  Such simple measure used by women in ancient times and today we rely on weighing machines.

10. Bichhiya (Toe ring) : It’s not only a sign that the woman is married, it’s also science. Indian Vedas say that by wearing this in both feet, it is believed that their menstrual cycle course is regularized with even intervals. This gives good scope for conceiving to married women.  It is usually made of silver. It being a good conductor as it absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing the entire body system.


We hope this article will generate some ideas and encourage you to wear these ornaments. Due to western influence we may tend to not wear some of these pieces. But it would be great if we incorporated some, if not all, of this jewelry in our everyday life.  Our mission is to provide versatile jewelry to every woman who wants to wear the western outfit with a hint of Indian tradition.

References: 1, 2

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Jinal Sampat is the owner of Sampat Jewellers. Sampat Jewellers is a Featured Vendor in the Indian Wedding Site Vendor Directory.

We exist to provide you with versatile handmade diamond jewelry that you can wear on multiple outfits. Our jewelry is handmade and every piece is unique and one of a kind. The diamonds are sourced and screened by our founder because the quality of our diamonds is important to us. Our team includes an exceptionally talented team of artists from West Bengal, India. It requires long hours of focused work to create fine diamond jewelry.. Every design goes through a quality check to meet your needs and provide you with the design you have always dreamt of. To support the artists and the trade of handmade diamond jewelry, we pledge 5% of our profits towards education. Working with us will make you feel at home. It is a friendly and welcoming experience that we have been delivering on since 1977.

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